Take a look at the most common questions we have answered over the years.

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Business Details

  • Do you have insurance?

    Yes, we do!

  • How many weddings do you shoot a year? How long have you been in business?

    On average we have two sessions per week and during the height of wedding season that can go up to four in one week. (Sometimes we even two in one day.) This is a high number because we specialize in small, intimate weddings that sometimes only end up being a three-hour wedding. Each person and marriage is unique, and one of our favorite parts of the job is meeting so many different people and hearing their story.

    We’ve been in business in New York City for over six years. To hear more, check out our who we are page.

  • What if you get sick or even die?

    Morbid, we know, but this is actually one of our favorite questions.

    We have a list of photographers that we would reach out to if something dreadful were to happen to someone from our Sojourner Society team. You would get a full refund and have the option to book with them. Although it would be a sad affair, the world would keep turning, and the sun would continue to rise.

  • My cousin/uncle/brother is a really good photographer, can they bring their fancy camera and follow you around?

    No. Family members are welcome to take photographs throughout the wedding day, but the moment they become a distraction, we’ll have to insist that they step off. We like to create a calm environment, and that peace can be overthrown when there are too many people running around snapping shutters. (It’s like too many cooks in the kitchen, but with lenses instead of knives.)

Coverage & Travel

  • What is your pricing?

    Our pricing is based on the location of your wedding and how long you need us. Please fill out the contact form to inquire for more details.

  • Where do you live and how far do you travel?

    We are Brooklyn-based. We work out of our home office in Prospect Lefferts Garden. Although we’re based in NYC, we’ve been all over the world to photograph weddings: Scotland, Pittsburgh, Dominican Republic, Ohio, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Atlanta, and Portland. We also shoot couples who decide that NYC is the perfect backdrop for their love. Some couples come from countries as far as Australia, Japan, Germany, Austria, New Zealand, Guatemala, Spain, New Orleans, Paris. (Needless to say we love traveling and after much practice we have finally found the perfect combination for packing all of our equipment!) We try to make it easy for all of our couples, so all travel is billed as a flat rate, and we make all the bookings for you.

  • How do we book you?

    There is a lot of courting and flirting in the world of wedding photography. We aren’t really into it. We’re not going to travel 45 minutes one-way to meet you at a Starbucks after you’ve already met 13 other photographers/videographers that day. We’ve never done speed dating, and we don’t intend on starting now. That said, we’d love to invite you to our home or meet you somewhere in our neighborhood. However, most of our clients are from different parts of the world, so we usually end up sipping iced coffee or a margarita (depending on the time of day) while Skyping/FaceTiming with adventurers who are madly in love.

    Once the contract is signed, the date is yours! We require a signed contract and 50 percent deposit at the time of booking to reserve your date. The remaining 50 percent is due two weeks before the wedding.

  • How soon do we get our images?

    It usually takes us two weeks, but give us three in case it’s a busy season. Any longer than that, feel free to knock down our door.

    Our rushing fee is a flat rate of $400, and you will receive your wedding images in three days.

  • Can we have all of the images you take?

    If you think you are missing any photos, please reach out to hello@sojournersociety.com. Otherwise, all the images delivered are the final images.

  • Can we have all the images in black and white and color?

    Images delivered in black and white are only available in black and white. Most of our pictures are color, but making them colorless is a deliberate decision. If you prefer one to the other, please let us know before the day of your wedding. Each wedding day is a collaboration, and we’re always excited to learn what your preferences are.

  • How are photos delivered?

    Each client gets their URL and the ability to share, print and download all of your images. Use a desktop application called PASS, but we also recommend downloading the PASS Mobile App and using that to show off your pictures.

  • What about copyright policy?

    Every client signs a model release form. The images are both yours and ours. We love sharing!

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    Every client pays a 50% non-refundable event retainer that is due immediately upon booking. When a retainer fee is accepted, that date is removed from our availability calendar, and we do not accept any other reservations for that day – it belongs to you!

    Need more info? Shoot us an email at hello@sojournersociety.com and request a copy of our contract.

  • Do you come to the rehearsal?

    We would love to join you and others that are close to you and capture these special moments. This is an added service that is on our a la carte pricing sheet. Please fill out the contact form for more info.

  • Do you hire a second photographer?

    A second shooter, assistant, or both are recommended for weddings with more than 100 people and available upon request.

  • I don’t see posed photos on your website. Do you still take those?

    Sure thing! We prefer candid, unrehearsed moments, but understand if you or your family members need posed photography.

  • I’m awkward/uncomfortable in front of the camera. Can you help me with that?

    Well, you’re in luck. One of the most significant parts of our job is to help you feel comfortable! Consider your time with us, a visual counseling session. Our cameras are a tool that will capture different sides of your personality.

    We love easing people into the creative process. Whether that’s grabbing a cocktail beforehand or taking photos at your favorite places, let’s make magic together!

  • For a wedding, do you recommend that the couple see each other before the ceremony?

    Seeing each other before walking down the aisle (otherwise known as a “first look”) are great, but we’re more concerned about what’s right for the couple. If you feel compelled to wait to see the love of your life, no big deal—there are other options.

  • How does the album design process work?

    We will have you select your favorite images through the PASS platform, and then we will design the first draft of your album. You will have the chance to make one round of edits; any additional edits come at an extra cost. Please email hello@sojournersociety.com for more details on the different types of albums and the pricing for further edits.

  • What is your favorite part of the wedding day?

    That moment after the couple walks out of the ceremony. At every wedding, we can visually see all the nerves and stress melt away.


  • Why is wedding photography important?

    You’ve heard it before, and we aren’t afraid of repeating it: Your photos are the only things from your wedding that will outlive you. One of our favorite things about being a photographer/videographer is imagining our images being shown lovingly to grandkids and great grandkids. The photographer and videographer are the only vendors that spend the entire day with you, so it’s crucial that you hire people who have the same vision as you and your partner. Whether it’s Sojourner Society or someone else, find someone that makes you completely comfortable!

  • What kind of weddings do you photograph?

    We love photographing all kinds of weddings, but we specialize in small, intimate ceremonies. There are many times when it’s just us and the couple, and we have the unique privilege of being not only a legal witness to their union but also being the only people on earth to be with them during that moment when two become one. That experience compels us to capture those memories in a way that you can share with friends and loved ones across countries and continents.

  • What type of people do you photograph?

    First and foremost, our clients are people that are full of grace and adventure without taking themselves too seriously. Secondly, they are people that embrace the awkwardness and are OK with being vulnerable in front of our lens. They say yes to the things we throw at them, but also love collaborating and giving us their ideas.

  • How would you define your style?

    Our style is continually evolving, but there are some recurring elements across our body of work: passion, color, and movement.

    We work to be as unobtrusive as possible so moments can unfold naturally. We want to capture honesty as it happens. We are photojournalists documenting your day by capturing little moments and reactions as they arise. During couples portraits, you will receive some direction and cues. Then, we catch what happens as you naturally respond and react to us and each other. We also believe that much of our success depends on positive and genuine interactions with clients. The more comfortable you feel around us, the more natural your photographs will be.

  • Can we provide you with a shot list?

    We accept photos from your specific location as a reference image for location scouting. We also accept a list of posed family photos. However, we do not accept a list of pictures or Pinterest boards. Every wedding is unique, and we never want to compare or try copy two separate weddings.