Elevate Your Story
Through Design and Branding

You deserve a design that sets your customers at ease, that is defined and detailed so that you can see measurable results, and that accomplishes your purposes and goals. Our process is about using branding and design to create a personal and intimate connection between your project and your audience.

Sojourner Society’s design studio is Tarun Krishnan, a professional designer and website developer since 2010, and Bethany Jones, a photographer and videographer since 2006.

How We Do It

We Get To Know Each Other

Our free consultation establishes the unique goals and purposes of your project.

We provide tools to help you with the nitty-gritty details

Through our custom questionnaires and guides, we help you curate and define the content, aesthetic, and tone of your project.

We let you in on the process in the journey to your new design

We believe the best-designed experiences and products are created through transparent communication and thoughtful and incisive dialogue.

We're here to help, even after the project is over.

Just like your business, a design is never truly over. We believe in staying in touch and being ready to help your design adapt to the new ideas and opportunities that are sure to come.

What People Are Saying

Heather Hansen
Communications Consultant, Speaker, Host, Attorney

I could not be happier with my experience with Sojourner Society. Bethany’s eye for pictures, her creativity and her ability to put me at ease made it fun and resulted in pics I actually like! Tarun then took over, helping me make my site as pretty as the pics. There a great team and I’m thrilled to work with them.

Lindy Amos
Executive Coach, Facilitator, Program Designer, Educator

Sojourner Society lives up to it’s promise: they capture magic and the moments that matter. Tarun has the unique gift of being able to turn even a half-baked brand narrative into a clear visual identity. Thank you, Sojourner Society, for your exquisite work!

Cassie Hartman
Founder, Business Owner of Ozark Mtn Flower Truck

Sojourner Society was so wonderful to work with! Bethany's photos for our branding shoot captured the soul and vibe of the business perfectly. As a team, Sojourner Society also provided my business with a branding consultation. That consultation provided me with so much insight. The opportunities they saw in regards to my website and Instagram were details that I often overlooked as a business owner looking at the big picture constantly. The photos and consultation have helped my business tremendously, they are an amazing team!

Pooja S
Marketing Director

As someone who leads growth and marketing for startups, I know that getting the right visual content for a business is key for attracting customers. Bethany and Tarun really understood the needs of the business and went above and beyond to deliver! The agency took care of every detail - from stunning photo and video to the design elements of the website.

How Can We Help You?

If you are interested in working, send me a message in the form below or drop me an email at tarun@sojournersociety.com. I’ll ask a few questions, and we can schedule a free, 30-minute, no pressure consultation about your project.